Melu / Serum

Mellow Split Ends Repairing Sealing Serum Long or Damaged Hair pH: 4.5

A specific anti-split ends repairing serum formulated for long or damaged hair with a tendency to form split ends.

The serum has a double function: it repairs split ends in-depth with a filler effect, leaving the hair soft and hydrated, and, at the same time, it hinders their formation.

Cherry oil: With hydrating and nourishing properties, rich in vitamins A, B and C.
Keratin: obtained from New Zealand sheep wool, with a filler effect which reinforces the hair structure, leaving it soft.
Polyquaternium-67: A conditioning agent obtained from cellulose, which is able to make the capillary structure softer.
Vitamin E: Antioxidant action.
Polyquaternium-28: A specific and selective resin, which only deposits itself where the hair needs treating (that is, in the most damaged Areas), with a reinforcing and preventive action against the formation of split ends.
Specific silicones: They work on damaged hair, restoring health and shine. They form a film which protects the hair and makes it shiny. They make wet or dry hair easier to comb and cement split ends.

Apply onto damp hair ends before styling or onto dry hair after styling. reapply daily.

All types of long or damaged hair With A tendency to form split ends.

hair With split ends, After treatment With this product, becomes soft And compact.

100 ml