Nounou / Conditioner

Nourishing Illuminating Cream pH 4.2

NOUNOU Nourishing Illuminating Cream restructures and moisturizes the hair, prolonging the colour of chemically treated hair.

Thanks to the synergy of its ingredients, NOUNOU Nourishing Illuminating Conditioner is ideal for chemically treated and coloured hair, as it has a deep restructuring action and protects the colour, restoring body and suppleness, maintaining the same luminosity and fullness of tone of the original colour.

Vitamin F is a mix of essential fatty acids with a restructuring action on the hair cuticle. Rhizobian gum is a natural polymer used for a specific and selective moisturizing effect, as it holds water, releasing it when needed; in this way, once applied, it releases only the amount of water needed, adding body, volume and moisture to the hair. Sweet almond butter has an emollient, nourishing and elasticizing action to add softness and consistency to the hair. Hydrocreatine increases the resistance and elasticity of the hair, making it stronger, and associated to sweet almond butter and vitamin F guarantees the correct balance of water and lipids, to increase the restructuring effect on the hair. Tomato extract is rich in 
antioxidant substances, which protect the hair from free radicals; together with the rhizobian gum, this action maintains the hair colour more vibrant, for longer.

After shampoo apply to the hair with a gentle massage. Comb and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse carefully.

It is particularly indicated for nourishment and protection of coloured hair, highlights and damaged hair.

75ml/2.55 fl.oz.
250ml/8.45 fl.oz.
1000ml/33.6 fl.oz.